We Build Next-Generation
Sound & Screen
Our patented technology emits
the front-channel sounds from the front of a
non-perforated screen

Delair Sound

Our new generation of transducers attach to the rear surface of the screen and radiate the mid and high frequencies directly in front of it.


Delair Screen

We offer the only cinema-sound technology that works with non-perforated screens, improving picture brightness and definition as well as sound quality.


Delair’s technology offers the best sound and picture quality at each step of the post-production process.

We make the lives of directors and producers easier.

…to the

We reveal the true beauty of cinema sound and picture with high-quality, immersive experiences for all theater sizes—from very small, private theaters to Premium Large Format screens.

We build technologies to advance the art of cinema.


Movies Post-Produced on Delair Sound & Screen Technology

A pristine, unaltered sound

Delair’s technology provides better immersion by improving the quality of the front audio channels, which represent 90% of cinema sound.

Improved Dialogues

Improved Dialogues

Better dialogue intelligibility,
more realistic voices

No Comb Filtering

No Comb Filtering

Uniform sound throughout
theater, easier to mix

Accurate Audio

Accurate Audio

Very accurate medium, high,
and very high frequencies

Optimum Coverage

Optimum Coverage

Sharp separation of channels,
excellent sound localization

The Right EQ

The Right EQ

Requires less amplifier power,
reduces ear fatigue

The “HDR” of Sound

The “HDR” of Sound

Wide audio dynamic range
faithfully reproduced

A stunning, vivid picture

The absence of perforations—which typically occupy 4 to 7% of the screen’s surface area and reduce contrast—can result in a 15% improvement in perceived brightness levels.

Screen perforations

The Best Technology for Laser & HDR Projection

With a Delair non-perforated screen, the picture remains crystal clear and free of artifacts. It allows the true potential of laser-based and HDR projection to be fully realized.


Play Delair

We design our sound and screen technologies in France and work with the best manufacturers to provide a new generation of cinema sound and picture.

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