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Screen channel speaker
The FWA Studios
Coming soon, the smallest version of our Front Wave Audio new generation of screen channel speaker. The FWA Studios LCR speaker uses flat, proprietary drivers placed in direct contact with the rear surface of a non-perforated screen, causing the mid and high frequencies to emanate from the screen itself.
Surround speaker
The Model One
The Model One surround speaker is the result of our desire to combine elegance and exceptional acoustic performances. With its truly contemporary look and reduced depth, the Model One will blend harmoniously with your auditorium design.
Surround speaker
The Model Two
The Model Two surround speaker is extremely compact and built using high-end quality components. Each component has been designed with the greatest care to guarantee minimum distortion and excellent power handling.
We are at the service of the 7th Arts
We develop state-of-art patented audio technologies at the service of the Cinema Arts. Be ready to get immersed in new landscapes of sound sentations.

Delair in the news

HPA 2019 Tech Retreat Innovation Zone Winner
Delair Labs team had the honour to be selected for a White Paper presentation during the prestigious Hollywood Professional Association Tech Retreat in February 2019. In front of panel of industry leader and specialists, our team presented the results of a study that aimed at quantifying the impact of screen perforation on picture quality...
Front Wave Audio Award
Interview with Danys Bruyère, DGA at TSF
“Reliable and highly precise”
Front Wave Audio Screening Room
“It has been a professional revelation”
Jean Goudier is a well-known, award-winning sound designer in France who has worked with directors like Roman Polanski, Oliver Stone, Patrice Leconte, and Jean Paul Rappeneau. In addition, he is an early adopter of Delair Front Wave Audio™ technology, so we...
Front Wave Audio Sound Mixing
“A better image and sound richness”
Almost 10 years ago, FotoKem was equipped with one of the first prototype of Delair Front Wave Audio technology. This technology, which allows to emit the front wave audio from the front of a non-perforated screen, greatly improves both picture and sound quality.
Front Wave Audio Colour Grading

Delair Auditoriums

Screening room
Delair Hollywood
Our flagship auditorium in Hollywood is equipped with state-of-the-arts cinema technologies, including a 4k projector and the FWA technology. The auditorium is available for events, screenings and colour grading.
Screening room
Delair Paris
Our flagship auditorium in France is located at the heart of the Paris post-production ecosystem at TSF. Equipped with a 4k projector and the FWA audio technology, this location is available for events and screenings.
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